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燈火光影 街道人群 誰被誰吸引in the flickering lights, in the crowded street, someone attracts someone
窗臺風鈴 我在咖啡廳 為你彈琴the bell at the window rings, I am in the coffee shop, playing guitar for you
這種街燈 這種氣氛this kind of streetlight, this kind of atmosphere
這種人生 這樣一座 山城this kind of life, a mountain city like this
這種教堂 這種石牆this kind of church, this kind of stone wall
這種藤蔓 你我 走在 街上this kind of vine, you and I walking on the street
Girl we were once a Romantic Mystery,Girl we were once a Romantic Mystery,
oh your touch 向日葵裡的秘密oh your touch, the secret in a sunflower
相愛原來是種默契all along love was a implicit understanding
故事細膩 Romantic Mysteryan exquisite tale, Romantic Mystery
神秘 抽象是一種情緒mystery, the abstract is a state of mind
油畫鮮豔了 所有回憶the oil painting making vivid all the memories
故事在彎曲 流蘇在搖曳the story winding, the tassels fluttering
我們相戀的 結局美麗the end of our love story is beautiful
如果可以 愛像雨季 痛快想你if it's possible, love is like the monsoon season, delighting in missing you
這種沙灘 這種浪漫 this kind of beach, this kind of romance
這種印象 狠狠愛你 一場this kind of impression of loving you ferociously once
這種橋樑 這種村莊 this kind of bridge, this kind of village
這種月光 讓愛有畫 面感this kind of moonlight makes love have a picturesque feeling
Tu es Ma Misterieuse Romance Je t'aime(bad French) you are my Romantic Mystery, I love you
(你是我的Romantic Mystery, 我愛你)(Chinese gloss)
Ta beauté, je ne L'oublierai Jamais, Jamaisyour beauty, I will never forget it, never
(你的美麗,我永遠無法忘懷,忘懷)(Chinese gloss)
隔著距離 Romantic Mysteryseparated by the distance, Romantic Mystery
在想你 如果一切都繼續missing you, if everything continues
到處是愛你的證據then everywhere is the proof of my love for you
我想或許你 Romantic MysteryI think maybe it's you, Romantic Mystery
甜蜜 我於是拿起筆honey, therefore I will take up my pen
清楚的描繪 如何愛你and write with clarity how I loved you
淡淡的香氣 小小的茉莉a faint perfume, the tiniest amount of jasmine
那愛情一點 都不憂鬱that love wasn't depressing at all
我又繼續 為你彈琴 解釋命運I will continue to play guitar for you and explain my destiny
Autant En Emporte Le Vent(隨風而逝)(bad French) passing on the wind
Gone with the windGone with the wind

First translation in a long time. Correct any mistakes if you see them, or discuss any iffy places if you like (some places I glossed to be smoother).

Download the song here

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Mar. 14th, 2012 03:55 am (UTC)
LOL Thanks for posting the bad French! I was super curious what he was saying, and even kkbox doesn't even have it :p
Mar. 14th, 2012 04:23 am (UTC)
I got it from Mojim, which is my go to source for lyrics. They're usually excellent.
Aug. 28th, 2012 09:47 pm (UTC)
OMG i like this song cuz JJ lin sing it XD

i don't care his bad French , cuz is JJ Lin

Thanks for make a translation of this song :D
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