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這夜晚漫長 不用太慌張this night is endless, no need to get flustered
找個藉口慢慢貼近我的臉龐find an excuse to get slowly closer to my face
當眼神對上 當耳朵發燙when glances connect, when ears burn
你的手偷偷放在我的腰上your hand sneakily rested on my waist
*你說愛 等待不如 就趁現在*you say love awaited isn't equal to that seized upon now
甜膩的氣息縱容著我們 a luscious fragrance pampering us
今晚可以任性使壞tonight it's okay to be wayward and naughty
那來我家吧so come over to my place
#走著走著搭肩了#walking, walking, arm hung around the shoulders
搭著搭著擁抱了 hanging, hanging, became an embrace
抱著抱著我笑了embracing, embracing, I began to laugh
笑著笑著到家了 laughing, laughing, all the way home
聊著聊著搖擺了talking, talking, starting to shake
搖著搖著都渴了 shaking, shaking, becoming thirsty
喝著喝著我睡了drinking, drinking, I fell asleep
睡著睡著夢醒了sleeping, sleeping, the dream awoke
遊移的指尖 觸碰的瞬間wandering fingertips, the moment of contact
髮絲的香味 留在你的唇邊the scent of hair, remaining by your lips
當曖昧漫延 當卸下防備 when ambiguity unfolds, when defenses are stripped
這一晚你挑戰我的界限this night you challenge my boundaries
 repeat * # x 2


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Mar. 27th, 2012 11:39 am (UTC)
yay my favourite new fast track (along with A Ha)! insanely catchy <333
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