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Let's help the world understand Chinese music!

Chinese Song translation
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Basically this is a community, run by dustthouart (who also runs cpop), which brings together people who want to translate Chinese songs, especially cpop, for everyone to enjoy. No matter what your Chinese level, you're welcome to come in and post your attempts at translations, offer advice to someone else, or just enjoy the translations of others.

I'm currently switching from using the memories system to using the tags system. This is tedious so it's going slowly. For the moment, you probably want to check both. If you want to tag things, go ahead and do so.
Please Note: dustthouart has a blogspot where she stores her translations (also very recently made). If you help on her translations posts, you will be credited on her website. If you don't want to be credited or you want to be credited a certain way, let her know.
Her cpop translation archive this way!

Introductory Post:
Your level of Chinese:
Do you read Traditional or Simplified?
Favorite Chinese artists/styles:
How you want to be credited:
Favorite furry mammal: (yes this is just for fun)