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Request: 《下輩子再愛你》(Xia Bei Zi Zai Ai Ni) lyric+ talk part translation

Hi, please help me to understand what the lyric says
Request to translate a song of FanSi wei (范思威) singing a beautiful bold gay love story,and the translation of the talk part at the end of the vid (since 4:35 minute).
warming: This is a Mainland's first gay (BL) theme MV

Link to You tube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iA1dKs3WDUY
A really sad Boys Love story ;o; the MV

Pinyin name: Xia Bei Zi Zai Ai Ni

Original name: 《下輩子再愛你》
Official English Name: "Next life will love you again" <- official name is NOT necessarily the translation of the real name
Translated name: My next life to love you <-- I use google translator in this one, so if not ok please correct me
Alternatives names: Love you again in the next life
Singer: FanSi wei (范思威) also known as the "Perfect Tenor"

As always I use google translator in order to try understand a litlle, but still it' not acuratelly at all. 
Here the lyric ( but unfortunatelly i din't find the talk part, so this one is not included in this lyric) :

One more request . pretty please can u also translate what the character talk at the end of the MV since the 4:35 minute of you tube video
Thanks you in advance for the help

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hey hey you you

hi! I stumbled upon this community by accident while looking for lyrics, but I'm glad I did. sorry about the title - I've had Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend stuck in my head ever since I discovered she recorded the chorus in Mandarin (ha ha). anyways, I hope I can contribute to this comm one day. 
also, I got a little too into favourite Chinese artists/styles....

Name/handle: you can call me Megan or everside!

Your level of Chinese: about a Chinese elementary schooler's level? I just finished taking AP Chinese and got a 5, but then again I'm a 华裔 (huayi - foreign citizen of Chinese origin) so it was kind of expected.. oh wait I forgot to mention that I can only speak Mandarin. Cantonese is a mystery to me. :( and I can't speak any special dialects. I can understand minimal Changsha dialect though. 

Do you read Traditional or Simplified? simplified all the way! but I can sort of guess my way around traditional characters.

Favorite Chinese artists/styles: oh boy this is kind of hard. beware a ramble.

some of my big favourites are Khalil Fong, The Life Journey, Mayday, Soft Lipa...I like some of Jay Chou's older stuff, and I have a lot of respect for Wang Leehom despite only owning one album from him. I'm a little in love with Hedgehog especially after hearing their new album (Sun Fun Gun). JJ Lin's voice = my love, and I like how he's been experimenting with a little jazz. clearly, a lot of my favourites are guys haha but I do like female singers! they're more of a recent thing for me though, so I haven't known them long enough to consider them some of my favourites (or I have known them for a while but they're not really my thing, like S.H.E. or Fish Leong). 

going on...I'm in love with Qu Wanting and Jane Zhang's voices, although Jane's songs can be meh sometimes. I'm liking R. Chord after hearing his 于是长大了以后 album, and I kind of adore Yen-J. I like some songs from Hou Xian, but his singing is weak, unfortunately...his music overall sounds a bit too 'thin' for me. D: Anthony Neely has a lot of good songs. I really like some of Liu Xin's songs (one of the new Super Boys; his Chinese name is 刘心). I recently stumbled upon the awesomeness that is SingerSen; she is fantastic. I like a few songs from The Girl and the Robots, Carrchy, and Queen Sea Big Shark. I like Wang Wen for background music (haha). I've been kinda into The Honeys lately. Crowd Lu's music is adorable. I really like Waa / Wei Ruxuan. I like Yoga Lin. And G.E.M. too because she's a good pop singer. I love Zhang Jie's voice. And I have a soft spot for Top Combine because they were my first boyband love (I was pretty late to the idol scene lol). and um I end up listening to a lot of traditional erhu/guzheng/other instruments such as matouqin music and old folk music (possibly Mongolian? he is from Gansu province) because my dad plays it a lot.

I've recently been listening to PixelToy, and I have a fondness for some of B6's stuff, including what his duo IGO released. I've also finally started to listen to Bibi Zhou, Sodagreen, NyLas, Deserts Zhang, and a bit of Snapline (apparently they are industrial rock? I'm not good with genres), and I like what I hear. And Cheer Chen! Laure Shang is cool too. Her French is amazing. *_*

tl;dr - I like pretty much everything except for metal. 

How you want to be credited: my LJ username/my Tumblr username (boardingoose) + my music Tumblr (eastimpressions)

Favorite furry mammal: I like cats. but pandas and polar bears are also cool. C:

Neutral 02

Travels of a fool (mp3s attached) - translation batch


I love your eyes, my friend on the road
And their flickering as they dart back and forth
I put my thoughts of longing softly by your pillow
Like a fable

单身旅记 Travelogue of a single (person) by 陶晶莹 Matilda Tao Jing Ying
往事随风 Past gone with the wind by 齐秦 Qi Qin
傻瓜旅行 Travels of a fool by 钟立风 Zhong Li Feng
魔鬼中的天使 An Angel Among the Devils by 田馥甄 Hebe
你在烦恼什么 What are you troubled about? by 苏打绿 Sodagreen
明天,你好 Tomorrow, hello by 牛奶咖啡 milk@coffee
你被写在我的歌里 You Are Written In My Song by 苏打绿 Sodagreen & Ella
你一定要幸福 Please be happy by 何洁 He Jie
盗墓笔记·张起灵·不朽 Diary of a tomb raider . Zhang Qi Ling . Immortal by 音频怪物 Audiofreak
听寂寞说 Lonesome Talks by 辛晓琪 Winnie Hsin (Xiao Qi)

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Landy Wen - Lai Wo Jia (Come Over To My Place)

這夜晚漫長 不用太慌張this night is endless, no need to get flustered
找個藉口慢慢貼近我的臉龐find an excuse to get slowly closer to my face
當眼神對上 當耳朵發燙when glances connect, when ears burn
你的手偷偷放在我的腰上your hand sneakily rested on my waist
*你說愛 等待不如 就趁現在*you say love awaited isn't equal to that seized upon now
甜膩的氣息縱容著我們 a luscious fragrance pampering us
今晚可以任性使壞tonight it's okay to be wayward and naughty
那來我家吧so come over to my place
#走著走著搭肩了#walking, walking, arm hung around the shoulders
搭著搭著擁抱了 hanging, hanging, became an embrace
抱著抱著我笑了embracing, embracing, I began to laugh
笑著笑著到家了 laughing, laughing, all the way home
聊著聊著搖擺了talking, talking, starting to shake
搖著搖著都渴了 shaking, shaking, becoming thirsty
喝著喝著我睡了drinking, drinking, I fell asleep
睡著睡著夢醒了sleeping, sleeping, the dream awoke
遊移的指尖 觸碰的瞬間wandering fingertips, the moment of contact
髮絲的香味 留在你的唇邊the scent of hair, remaining by your lips
當曖昧漫延 當卸下防備 when ambiguity unfolds, when defenses are stripped
這一晚你挑戰我的界限this night you challenge my boundaries
 repeat * # x 2
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Landy Wen - AYO

Heyyyyy what can make me come back and start translating? Did you guess a new Landy album? Well you're right. Landy + me = BFF.

Also Landy has a YouTube channel! With pretty HD videos! NICE.

This is a pretty fun album! So far none of the slow songs have made too much of an impression on me, but I haven't been in a slow song mood lately. The fast songs have a nice variety though. Got some clubby ones, some good mood groove ones, and some offbeat ones. This one is a club anthem with an aggressive motif, kind of like "熱浪 Heatwave" or "D.I.S.C.O" from her last two albums.

末日是個未知數the number of last days is unknown
明天會不會結束will tomorrow be the end?
翻開夢想的藍圖open up the blueprint of your dreams
現在的你是否滿足is the current you satisfying?
追求是因為企圖chasing because you're trying
犯錯是為了回顧failing in order to look back
記住相愛的溫度remember the warmth of mutual love1
太容易就不叫幸福if it's too easy it can't be called happiness
*回到最初最原始的單純*return to that earliest and most primal purity
讓心自由為愛情找出口let the heart freely find the way out for love
#你給我用力吼#roar with all your strength for me
你給我拍拍手clap your hands for me
你給我大聲一起 AYO OH AYOsay loudly for me, all together: ayo! oh ayo!
你給我聽清楚listen carefully for me
這時候我作主right now I'm the boss
你跟我大聲一起 AYO OH AYO]say loudly together with me: ayo! oh ayo!
末日是個未知數the number of last days is unknown
就算明天會結束even if tomorrow is the end
翻開夢想的藍圖open up the blueprint of your dreams
選擇戰鬥還是認輸choose whether to fight or to give up
奔跑是因為企圖rushing because you're trying
就算前途是迷霧even if the way forward is lost in fog
出獵才能夠登陸only by going hunting can you reach land
太容易就不叫幸福if it's too easy it can't be happiness
repeat *repeat *
repeat # x2repeat # x2
原住民古調(aboriginal language)
讓我們看太陽日昇日落let us look at the sun rising and setting
讓我們看海洋波濤洶湧let us look at the ocean waves surging and breaking
repeat # x2repeat # x2

1. Literally the "temperature" but I suspect this may have been chosen due to the way it puns on Landy's surname.
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Yufeimen - Lazy

天氣太悶熱 想幹什麼都懶得the weather's too hot, I don't want to think of something to dotianqi tai menre, xiang gan shenme dou lande
世界我把你放一邊world, I'm putting you to the sideshijie, wo ba ni fang yi bian
不需要什麼 就要放鬆I don't need anything, I'll just relaxbu xuyao shenme, jiu yao fangsong
什麼人我都不見I can't see anyoneshenme ren wo dou bu jian
沒有為什麼 你們不要來問我there's no why, so don't come ask memeiyou weishenme, nimen bu yao lai wen wo
今天我離你有點遠today, I'm a little far from youjintian, wo li ni youdian yuan
你不會明白 我在享受you won't understand, I'm enjoyingni bu hui mingbai, wo zai xiangshou
一片茫然的空間a blank spaceyipian mangran de kongjian
Lazy Lazy Lazy 我不想做什麼lazy lazy lazy, I don't want to do anythingLAZY LAZY LAZY, wo bu xiang zuo shenme
Lazy Lazy Lazy 我不願想什麼lazy lazy lazy, I'm not willing to think anythingLAZY LAZY LAZY, wo bu yuan xiang shenme
Lazy Lazy Lazy 我不願做什麼lazy lazy lazy, I'm not willing to do anythingLAZY LAZY LAZY, wo bu yuan zuo shenme
Lazy Lazy Lazy 我不去想什麼lazy lazy lazy, I won't think anything LAZY LAZY LAZY, wo bu qu xiang shenme

JJ Lin - Romantic Mystery 林俊傑 - 故事細膩

燈火光影 街道人群 誰被誰吸引in the flickering lights, in the crowded street, someone attracts someone
窗臺風鈴 我在咖啡廳 為你彈琴the bell at the window rings, I am in the coffee shop, playing guitar for you
這種街燈 這種氣氛this kind of streetlight, this kind of atmosphere
這種人生 這樣一座 山城this kind of life, a mountain city like this
這種教堂 這種石牆this kind of church, this kind of stone wall
這種藤蔓 你我 走在 街上this kind of vine, you and I walking on the street
Girl we were once a Romantic Mystery,Girl we were once a Romantic Mystery,
oh your touch 向日葵裡的秘密oh your touch, the secret in a sunflower
相愛原來是種默契all along love was a implicit understanding
故事細膩 Romantic Mysteryan exquisite tale, Romantic Mystery
神秘 抽象是一種情緒mystery, the abstract is a state of mind
油畫鮮豔了 所有回憶the oil painting making vivid all the memories
故事在彎曲 流蘇在搖曳the story winding, the tassels fluttering
我們相戀的 結局美麗the end of our love story is beautiful
如果可以 愛像雨季 痛快想你if it's possible, love is like the monsoon season, delighting in missing you
這種沙灘 這種浪漫 this kind of beach, this kind of romance
這種印象 狠狠愛你 一場this kind of impression of loving you ferociously once
這種橋樑 這種村莊 this kind of bridge, this kind of village
這種月光 讓愛有畫 面感this kind of moonlight makes love have a picturesque feeling
Tu es Ma Misterieuse Romance Je t'aime(bad French) you are my Romantic Mystery, I love you
(你是我的Romantic Mystery, 我愛你)(Chinese gloss)
Ta beauté, je ne L'oublierai Jamais, Jamaisyour beauty, I will never forget it, never
(你的美麗,我永遠無法忘懷,忘懷)(Chinese gloss)
隔著距離 Romantic Mysteryseparated by the distance, Romantic Mystery
在想你 如果一切都繼續missing you, if everything continues
到處是愛你的證據then everywhere is the proof of my love for you
我想或許你 Romantic MysteryI think maybe it's you, Romantic Mystery
甜蜜 我於是拿起筆honey, therefore I will take up my pen
清楚的描繪 如何愛你and write with clarity how I loved you
淡淡的香氣 小小的茉莉a faint perfume, the tiniest amount of jasmine
那愛情一點 都不憂鬱that love wasn't depressing at all
我又繼續 為你彈琴 解釋命運I will continue to play guitar for you and explain my destiny
Autant En Emporte Le Vent(隨風而逝)(bad French) passing on the wind
Gone with the windGone with the wind

First translation in a long time. Correct any mistakes if you see them, or discuss any iffy places if you like (some places I glossed to be smoother).

Download the song here

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I often write things that are "TL;DR."

Name/Handle: You can just call me Mandy Jean.

Your level of Chinese: I'm at zero-level, which unfortunately means that I can't translate anything, but I'm very willing to learn and would like to discuss lyrics with fellow Chinese music lovers, if that's allowed here. I'm looking into Rosetta Stone for Mandarin, but I eventually want to learn Cantonese as well since I enjoy the Chinese entertainment industry so much. I have ever since I was about 12 or 13 years old when I began taking my first steps to learn about Asian history and culture in general.

I'm currently a student at Full Sail University, taking online classes in Creative Writing for Entertainment with high aspirations of becoming a screenwriter, and quite frankly, I've been inspired by martial arts films of the Ang Lee and Zhang Yimou variety. That mainly has to do with Zhang Ziyi's involvement in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and The House of Flying Daggers, so excuse my bias. I feel she's such a versatile actress and could take on any project that's thrown her way, but I hate how she gets so many typecast roles... I'll just end this rant now.

Do you read Traditional or Simplified? Eventually, I would like to read both and become as fluent as earthly possible in the language and its many dialects. I realize this will be a life-long overtaking that I probably will never accomplish due to the enormity of the language, but I really can't imagine myself as anything other than a student, even if I have a job that supports my lifestyle. I think many college students who truly enjoy learning have this problem. They know exactly what they want to do - what kind of career and lifestyle they desire - but the thirst for knowledge is an all-encompassing one that can leave a person feeling torn.

Favorite Chinese artists/styles: Overall, my top-two favorite artists (in order) are Zhou Bichang and Stefanie Sun.

I just recently got my hands on a copy of Bibi's new album — which apparently the iTunes store in the U.K. is calling Black or White — and I can't help but feel like it's a return to Bibi's old style at Yuelin Culture. I wasn't the biggest fan of i, fish, light, mirror for several reasons: the Taipei makeover that I honestly think has a lot to do with homophobia since Bibi hasn't always been the most feminine of artists, the tone of the album itself is more pop-y and somewhat resembles something from the Japanese turnover rate of all these idol groups that keep coming out, but it seems as if Bibi was instructed to sing with a more feminine voice.

One of the reasons I love her music so much is because of that unique voice of hers. I immediately fell in love with it the first time I listened to "Your Love" from Time. That's possibly my favorite of her albums, but everything else before i, fish, light, mirror is in competition for that number-two spot.

I actually don't have as much of Stefanie Sun's discography — and most of it is older music — but whenever I'm in the mood for C-pop, these are the two artists I listen to the most. I also have a love for Twins, but I'm currently exploring Jay Chou, S.H.E., and Echo's discography.

How you want to be credited: Well, obviously I can't be credited for anything at the moment, but I'll let you know in the future.

Favorite furry mammal: Dogs, period... Okay, maybe it needs a more specific answer: German Shepherds.
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Aaron Yan and Afalean Lu

Hi, I'm new to this community, so I'll answer the introductory questions, haha.

Name/handle: Call me misfit, =)
Your level of Chinese: beginner/intermediate
Do you read Traditional or Simplified? Some of both
Favorite Chinese artists/styles: I like to try most anything, =]
How you want to be credited: misfitmisfit
Favorite furry mammal: umm, does koala count?

I saw lots of cool songs shared within this community, and I wanted to try my hand at sharing these two songs.

1)Aaron Yan - 忽然之间 (Hu Ran Zhi Jian) [Suddenly]
2)Afalean Lu - 可不可以愛我 (kěbù kěyǐ ài wǒ) [Can you love me?]

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my translations, and thanks for reading ^^
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