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Major disclaimer up front: I do not speak Cantonese. Cantonese is not the same as Mandarin in grammar or word choice. So what follows is roughly analogous to asking someone who studies Portuguese to translate something that is written in Spanish. I fulfilled a request of somebody on linguaphiles.

Sometimes I get requests for Cantonese songs and it's just impossible. For example, don't ask me to translate the Pancakes's song "Gum Gum Gum"--I have no idea what the hell is going on in that song, because it's jam-packed with Cantonese-only characters like 咁. But this particular song seems pretty straightforward.

Video probably is not work-safe.

Original lyrics and English translation of the Chinese portions under the cut.

I want to sing you a song, about me and you went to
Kowloon Tong,
we have to be very strong, if we want to do something
very wrong


I want to sing you a song, about me and you went to
Kowloon Tong,
we have to be very strong, if we want to do something
very wrong.


We finally went to Kowloon Tong,
to ransack a hotel room near CityU.
There wasn't the slightest hestitation on your face,
it was like we were opened up.

When we went into the room we saw a bed,
and only then did we begin to get a bit nervous.
I'm thinking should we really go to bed together or not,
will that sort of thing break up our connection or not?
Will we still continue to connect or not?

Note: Kowloon Tong is a neighborhood of Hong Kong that has a lot of "love hotels" where you can rent rooms for short periods for sexin'. In very crowded places like Hong Kong and Tokyo, this is popular because people may not have privacy in their apartments because of thin walls etc. Going to a love hotel is not shady or looked down on in the way that Westerners tend to regard renting a hotel room by the hour--because in the West, it's assumed that people doing this are hiding the sexual relationship from another person. In HK and Tokyo etc it's not unusual for even married couples to do this.

CityU is the City University of Hong Kong.


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Dec. 5th, 2009 08:05 am (UTC)
在城大旁的酒店爆房 -

I think 城大 here refers to City University of Hong Kong (see the video).

Not really sure what 爆房 means, but the following link might help: http://www.southcn.com/ent/zhuanti2/2005nianjian/entdic/gossip/200602150579.htm
Dec. 5th, 2009 08:18 am (UTC)
Oh, awesome.

From reading that article it seems like 爆房 is a paparazzi term for when they do a "sting" on a celeb by waiting for the celeb to leave a hotel room and then breaking in and looking for ~scandal stuff~.

Thanks for the info! I will correct it.
Dec. 6th, 2009 04:24 am (UTC)
so adorable and precious, and FUNNY, thank you!
The English chorus is sung with sorta unnatural emphasis; I wonder if not being an English speaker makes that less difficult?
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