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Gloria - Libaitian (Sunday) translation


輕鬆在家 又是那麼的熟悉
HA 把所有煩惱 全部都拋棄


open [my] eyes and say good morning
today's weather is too beautiful
enjoying every minute, every second
my mood is so good there's no end to it!

relaxing at home, where everything is so familiar
ha, getting rid of all the worry

come on, la la la
come share with me
relax, la la la
lie on that sofa
seize, la la la
that beautiful day
blithely welcome next Sunday which is coming soon

Old Boys (mp3s attached)

[Upon the River] made by recycle

Have the dreams of yesteryear been realised?
At this point in time do we just tuck them away in memories?
Lifting our heads looking towards the galaxy of stars
The star that accompanied me those times
Do you still remember the stories of here?
If tomorrow ever comes, I'll send my wishes to you my dear

武汉这些天一直在下雨 In Wuhan, It Has Been Raining Recently by 钟立风 Zhong Li Feng
无眠 Sleepless by 苏打绿 Sodagreen
今生缘 Affinities of this life by 川子 Chuan Zi
老男孩 Old Boys by 筷子兄弟 Chopstick Brothers
好久不見 Long Time No See by 陳奕迅Eason Chan
因為愛情 Because of Love by Faye Wong & Eason Chan
滚滚红尘 Surge of Red Dust by 陈淑桦 Sarah Chen Shu Hua

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Enjoy ♥
I am suddenly tired, so I'm not going to do the pinyin or check this one carefully before I post it. I'll look at it later.

Also I couldn't find a streaming video for this song so I'll worry about that later.

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Fusion - 123

About, oh, a month ago, theseekerisme requested a translation of Fusion's 123.

I wasn't in the translating mood at that time, but I said I would put it in my "queue".

My "queue" is a euphemism for a back corner of my brain, which will, at some undetermined point, bubble up to the front and make me go, "Hey, didn't I promise to do something for someone?"

So I dug through my email and oh yeah, there was this request! Huh. Maybe I should do that!

Sorry, theseekerisme! I don't think anyone else has made a direct request of me, but if you have, poke me every once in a while. I don't mean to forget about you, I just do.

什麼叫做1 什麼叫做2 什麼叫做3what do you call 1? what do you call 2? what do you call 3?
問題太巧妙 數字太難搞 我全不知道the problem is too clever, the number is too hard to fathom, I don't know anything
你的壞 你的好 你的人 我快受不了your badness, your goodness, all of you, pretty soon I won't be able to stand it anymore
只怪發生的事太潦草the only thing to blame is how carelessly everything went down
什麼才是1 什麼才是2 什麼才是3what counts as 1? what counts as 2? what counts as 3?
哪個最重要 位置排排好 次序別顛倒which is most important? line it up nicely, don't get the order confused
你別再吵 別再鬧 別再對我大聲叫you shouldn't argue again, shouldn't whine again, shouldn't yell at me again
難道要把嘲笑當美妙don't tell me that you're treating sneering as charm?
*沖開所有的泡麵才發現 I boiled all the instant noodles and only then discovered
我並不是很餓I'm not actually hungry
你的問題纏在腦袋繞又繞your problems are coiling in my brain, winding and winding
沖開所有的泡麵我知道 I boiled all the instant noodles, I know
我並不是很餓I'm not actually hungry
只能捧著果汁蹲在了牆角all I can do is hold a cup of fruit juice and crouch in the corner
(RAP by MC HOTDOG)(rap)
別再對我吼 我不是你養的狗don't roar at me again, I'm not your pet dog
(一次一次次的玩笑)(teasing again and again)
你總是牽著我的鼻子走 好像我是木偶you're always leading me by the nose, like I'm a puppet
我不懂 我們的互動 I don't understand our interactions
你的心我無法觸碰 好像陷入了窟窿it's impossible for me to move your heart, it's like it's sunken into a hole
(再玩我我我就瘋掉)(if you tease me again, I'll, I'll go crazy!)
你總是喜歡抱怨 不能以德報怨 you always like to complain, you mustn't repay good with evil
難道不是我的錯 也要我先道歉don't tell me that even when it's not my fault, I have to apologize first?
(一二三短訊的打擾)(1 2 3 the rumble of the text message)
真心話大冒險 你氣死我沒保險it's the moment of truth, you're furious I have no insurance
(我不懂也不想知道)(I don't understand and I don't want to know)
我笑臉已經不見 你難道沒有發現my smile has already disappeared, don't tell me that you haven't noticed?
(repeat *)(repeat *)

One minor note: I've translated nandao... as "don't tell me that...?" This should be understood as the idiomatic expression of disbelief "don't tell me that", not the literal "refrain from communicating to me".

That is, this is "don't tell me that" as in "Don't tell me that we're already out of pasta! I just bought five boxes last week!" Not as in "don't tell me the bad news." You could also translate it as "it's unbelievable that..." or "could it be that...?" It expresses that you can't believe that something is true and yet you suspect it is indeed true. It doesn't have to be a negative thing... you could say 難道我的冤家原來近在眼前? "Could it be that my soul mate was right in front of me all this time?" Awwww.

This has been your Chinese lesson for the day. XD


 Someone could be so nice and translate the new song of JJ Lin, pretty please
完美新世界 Perfect New World
(Wan mei xin shi jie )
I use google translator in order to try understand a litlle and seems beautiful.

Here the lyric & the song
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Thanks you in advance for the help
Sammi Cheng and Vanness Wu are two of the most prominent current Christian converts in Chinese show business, but they have very different stories.

Sammi was at one point (2002) the highest paid female entertainer in Hong Kong, a true superstar. She was known for being a diva in every sense of the word; she had an infamous rivalry with Faye Wong, was known for making crazy demands, and for selling lots of copies and tickets!

In her own words, however: "I thought the more successful I was, the more worth I would have in the eyes of others. I thought the more successful I got, the more reason I would have to life. But when I attained the material things that most people long for, I came to realize that I was truly at the end of myself- I realize I had nothing. My heart was empty. I thus tried to pursue success even harder to make up for this, but the emptiness and fear only got larger." I don't know who translated this... I found it on Tumblr.

So, she switched record labels, and since then has released two Christian albums in Cantonese called "Faith" and "Hope" (I'm guessing "Love" is coming up next), and she has just released a Mandarin version of "Faith". For the Mandarin translation of the lead single "Crime and Punishment" she needed a male rapper.

Well, Vanness Wu was certainly the obvious choice! Vanness has a pretty interesting backstory himself. He was born and raised in California and had a self-proclaimed "shitty" job at a call center before deciding to go to his parents' country of origin, Taiwan, and seek something better in life. He was raised a Buddhist, but when he came to Taiwan in 2001, he had some kind of a dramatic conversion experience, again according to his own words, he said it was like a flash of lightning. However, the dramatic conversion didn't stick. He was cast in the absolute smash hit tv show Meteor Garden and became part of the boy band sensation F4. Pretty much overnight, he was a heartthrob to millions. He is very upfront about what made him stray from Christianity: sex. And being a smokin' hot famous guy... yeah, he could pretty much have all the sex he wanted.

In 2008 (I think) he got fed up with the dark side of showbiz and decided to come back to Christianity, but he was still struggling with sex. When his pastor, Jaeson Ma, told him to practice self-control and try refraining from sex for one month, apparently Vanness was like "Whaaaaaaat." (lol) But, he decided to go ahead and try it. And now Vanness is probably best known on places like Aiya for wearing t-shirts that say "God is better than sex." I'm serious, he really does!

See? LOL. Oh Vanness.

Anyway. tl;dr Sammi + Vanness = Chinese Christian music match made in literal heaven.

One final word about the title--I translated the title as "Crime and Punishment" because it's a clear reference to the famous novel by Dostoevsky. The book's title is rendered exactly that way in Chinese. However, just 罪 zui by itself, within this song, I have translated as "sin", because that is another meaning of the Chinese character and it's clearly the meaning meant, because this is a religious song. Zui can also be translated as "guilt, fault, vice" etc depending on context. For example in the Chinese translation of the Catholic Mass, the mea culpa ("my fault" in English) is translated as "my zui" in Chinese. I translated 犯罪 fanzui as crime.

Translation, pinyin, original Chinese under cut.Collapse )
The music video for this song is a rip-off of Nuit Blanche, an award-winning short film. Like, a blatant shot for shot rip-off. Not even a little bit subtle about it. And yes, it was plagiarism, because the director didn't give any credit for the idea. Why people think they can get away with this sort of thing in the era of the internet is beyond me.

The song isn't a plagiarism of anybody, though.

Edit: Tweaked a few lines.

lying flat, like canned fish
surrounded by dense nostalgia, looking up
the starry sky idly spins
thoughts floating like jellyfish
I don't feel alone at all
but when I think of you I feel alone
soaking in a preservative sorrow

*not making a sound, like being drowned
the four seasons are just the four white walls
the turntable is idly spinning
loneliness is a dark light in thick fog
a hollow brick burning
in the center of my chest
that's me, a vacuum

#no oxygen
the fish lost the sea
I lost my heart
what can make up for it? it's all the same
like a can of fish
slowly covered up by a lid
no light entering

repeat *

repeat #

no oxygen
the fish lost the sea
I lost my place
I thought it was different, but it's all the same
stubborn beyond reason
slowly air-dried
I tell lies
I tell lies

Chinese and pinyin under cut.Collapse )
Another Blue Rain album translation! Woo.

This was my favorite track on the album. At the time, I couldn't read Chinese, so to me it was just "track 5."

A few hilarious notes about the video: Miami is conspicuously lacking in black and Hispanic people. Hmm. And the street signs are clearly from Hawaii. This is like when people ask me to translate something for them and I'm like "Um, that's Japanese."

"Whatever, that's all the same right? What does it mean?"

The "exotic" is pretty interchangeable... you could also say this extend to the music. Penned by Jay Chou, it has a strong Middle Eastern vibe. So, Middle Eastern Miami Hawaii Chinese. Woo!

I get into this bursts of translating and then I don't do anything for two months, so don't expect this to last unless I get requests. I never get requests. Oh cpop, so unloved. *cries*

邁阿密海邊 棕欄的樹叢Miami beach, clusters of palm treesMaiami haibian, zonglang de shucong
微熱的南風 微熱的南風warm southern wind, warm southern windweire de nan feng, weire de nan feng
手牽著手 還在 曖眛中摸索hand in hand, but still fumbling in ambiguityshou qianzhe shou, hai zai aimei zhong mosuo
街上人群猜不透我們算是什麼the people on the street can't figure out what we are to each otherjieshang renqun caibuxiu women suanshi shenme
一路沉默 緊閉嘴角the entire way silent, mouth shut tightyi lu chenmo, jinbi zuijiao
突然說出 愛我then suddenly you say you love meturan shuo chu ai wo
腳底 髮梢 from the soles of my feet to the tips of my hairjiaodi, fashao
全被不安情緒給籠罩 I'm enveloped by a mood of disturbancequan bei bu an qingxu gei longzhao
關於耳邊呢喃 已經聽不到as for the murmur in my ears, I already can't hear itguanyu erbian ninan, yijing tingbudao
安靜已久心臟 左邊暈眩狂跳 my once peaceful heart is jumping giddily and madly in my left sideanjing yijiu xinzang zuobian yunxuan kuangtiao
邁阿密的下午 誰知道an afternoon in Miami, who knows?Maiami de xiawu, shei zhidao?
我感到臉頰一直在 發燙I feel like my cheeks are constantly burningwo gandao lianjia yizhi zai fatang
我感到胸膛 小鹿在亂撞I feel like there's a little deer running around crazily in my chestwo gandao xiongtang xiao lu zai luanzhuang
濕潤的嘴唇 被你覆蓋說不出話 不出話my moist lips overlaid by yours can't say a word, not a wordshirun de zuichun bei ni fugai shuo bu chu hua, bu chu hua
我感到臉頰一直在 發燙I feel like my cheeks are constantly burningwo gandao lianjia yizhi zai fatang
溫柔從髮稍 一路在擴張tenderness is extending from the tips of my hair the entire waywenrou cong fashao yi lu zai kuozhang
曖昧的感覺逐漸蛻變成 the feeling of ambiguity is gradually shed and changed intoaimei de ganjue zhujian tui biancheng
一種愛情的模樣a romantic styleyi zhong aiqing de moyang
There's probably no other album that means as much to me as this one. I can remember the day clearly. It was the summer of 2002; I was 16 years old, doing a mission trip in Taiwan teaching at an English camp. My Chinese ability was totally limited to "How much is this?" and "Where's the bathroom?" It was another wonderful July day. Me and the other American teenagers were having a day with a bunch of Taiwanese teenagers, and we went into a music store.

It was agreed that me and Emily (the only other American girl), should each buy a Chinese album, and we asked for their suggestions on which one. For Emily, they picked out Jay Chou's The Eight Dimensions. For me, they picked out Landy Wen's Blue Rain.

How many times have I listened to this album? I listened to that first copy until the CD literally wore out; that's how much. I had to buy another copy. And then I broke that one so I bought a third copy. Yes, I have bought this album three times; that's how much I love it. It was my first Chinese album and the opening up of an entire new world to me. Because of this, Landy will always, always be my favorite singer.

I tried to translate the lyrics using my sub-50 word vocabulary and a Chinese to English dictionary, character by character. If I knew where any of those early efforts were I'd be tempted to destroy them; I'm sure they were awful.

Anyway, I've decided that I need to translate this entire album. It's over 8 years old now (and doesn't that make me feel young!) but it's still as gorgeous, infectious, fascinating, soothing, intoxicating, and wonderful as ever. LANDY FOR LIFE YO

瓶子裡的茉莉 a jasmine in a bottlepingzi li de moli
葉子不再綠 the leaves will never be green againyezi bu zai lv
像越走越遠的回憶like memories getting further and further awayxiang yue zou yue yuan de huiyi
窗櫺上的水滴 the drop of water on the window panechuangling shang de shuidi
滲透進牆壁 soaking into the wallshentou jin qiangbi
就像揮之不去的你just like how you can't be wiped awayjiu xiang hui zhi bu qu de ni
*慢慢 這樣的天氣 *slowly; this kind of weather*manman; zhe yang de tianqi
適合想你 醞釀情緒 is appropriate for thinking about you, for a brooding moodshihe xiang ni, yunniang qingxu
跟著你呼吸同樣空氣breathing the same kind of air as you aregenzhe ni huxi tongyang kongqi
慢慢 時間在老去 slowly; the time is passedmanman; shijian zai lao qu
我的美麗 隔著距離 my beauty cannot bridge the distancewode meili gezhe juli
收不到你寄來的憂鬱and receive the melancholy you're sendingshoubudao ni julai de youyu
☆藍色雨 已經遠離 ☆the blue rain is already far away☆lanse yu yijing yuanli
我還在原地 I'm still in the same placewo hai zai yuandi
來不及 吸引你注意it's too late to attract your attentionlaibuji xiyin ni zhuyi
藍色雨 已經遠離 the blue rain is already far awaylanse yu yijing yuanli
我還在想你 I'm still thinking about youwo hai zai xiang ni
跟自己 在演對手戲 performing a dialogue with myselfgen ziji zai yan duishou xi
我愛你I love youwo ai ni
不是每一場雨 it isn't every rainbu shi mei yi chang yu
都會有意義 that will have meaningdou hui you yiyi
都會把它寫成日記that will be written into a diarydou hui ba ta xiecheng riji
一定有些相遇 there are certainly some encountersyiding you xie xiangyu
就好像是個雨季 that are just like a monsoon seasonjiu haoxiang shi ge yuji
只留幾封信當證據only leaving a few letters as proofzhi liu ji feng xin dang zhengju
Repeat *☆Repeat *☆ (ending with, I love you)Repeat *☆ (ending with, wo ai ni)
真的愛你really love youzhen de ai ni
Repeat ☆Repeat ☆Repeat ☆

Landy Wen Lan - D.I.S.C.O.

I got stuck on one part of the rap here, 看好出口. My translation of "come off well" is very vague and tentative. The thing is, as far as I can tell, it means "it is probable that exports will increase." But that makes NO SENSE AT ALL.

This is a cover of a kpop song of the same name by Uhm Jung Hwa. Like all covers between Asian languages, this sends certain fanbrats into fits of Youtube comment apoplexy, and this song is particularly a target for that because the Korean song featured TOP, a member of a boy band, and boy band fandom contains some of the most batshit crazy people on the planet. (Not all of you, but I'm sure those of you who are sane know even better than I do who I'm talking about.) So I'll paint a target on myself by saying I liked Landy's version better. Haters to the left!

(Part of the reason why I like this song so much is that in order to match the rhythm of the original Korean lyrics, the Chinese sounds... I don't know how to explain it. It sounds a little more bouncy? Chinese is usually very precise in its syllable boundaries, even when you're talking about someone who "slurs" when he sings like Jay Chou... IDK, I don't know how to explain.

*D.I.S.C.O 歡迎光臨Lan-Disco*D.I.S.C.O welcome to the LAN-DISCO*D.I.S.C.O huānyíng guānglín LAN-DISCO
熱情無休 To The Disconon-stop passion TO THE DISCOrèqíng wúxiū  TO THE DISCO
D.I.S.C.O 這裡就是Lan-DiscoD.I.S.C.O this is the LAN-DISCOD.I.S.C.O zhèlǐ jiù shì LAN-DISCO
煩惱真空 Let’s Go Discofree from worries LET'S GO DISCOfánnǎo zhēnkōng  LET'S GO DISCO
穿上最驕傲的行頭wearing the most audacious outfitchuānshàng zuì jiāoào de hángtóu
準備席捲全場的所有眼球getting ready to pull in all the eyes on the dance floorzhǔnbèi xíjuǎn quán chǎng de suǒyǒu yǎnqiú
燈光正在招手空氣騷動還等什麼the lights are flashing, the place is jumping, what more am I waiting for?dēngguāng zhèng zài zhāoshǒu, kōngqì sāodòng, hái děng shénme
快點站出來讓地球的心跳動I'm gonna come out and make the earth's heart beatkuàidiǎn zhànchūlái ràng dìqiú de xīn tiào dòng
#完全釋放電流搖擺身體Beautiful#completely letting the electricity flow as I move my body, BEAUTIFUL#wánquán shìfàng diànliú yáobǎi shēntǐ BEAUTIFUL
真男人吸引了我 real men attract mezhēn nánrén xīyǐn le wǒ  
連笑容都有節奏even the smiles are to the beatlián xiàoróng dōu yǒu jiēzòu
快樂無限暢飲消滅悲傷Wonderfulhappily indulging myself and extinguishing sorrow, WONDERFULkuàilè wúxiàn chàngyǐn xiāomiè bēishāng WONDERFUL
有愛就會有魔力if there's love there'll be magicyǒu ài jiù huì yǒu mólì
抱緊抱緊不要害羞#embrace, embrace, don't be shybàojǐn, bàojǐn, bú yào hàixiū #
不愛不勇敢的傢伙guys who don't love and aren't bravebú ài bú yǒnggǎn de jīahuǒ
舉起雙手驅逐憂愁到外太空lift your hands and send your troubles to outer spacejǔqǐ shuāng shǒu qūzhú yōuchóu dào wài tàikōng
誰在偷偷看我一舉一動 someone's sneakily watching every move I makesheí zài tōutōu kàn wǒ yī jǔ yī dòng  
怎麼閃躲how do I dodge him?zěnme shǎnduǒ?
不如解開細胞盡情享受我就是我better unleash myself and enjoy myself to the fill, I am who I ambú rú jiěkāi xìbāo jìnqíng xiǎngshòu, wǒ jiù shì wǒ
把事情想的 那麼那麼太多thinking about things way way too muchbǎ shìqíng xiǎng de nàme nàme tài duō
只不過 想先看好出口only think first of coming off wellzhǐbúguò xiǎng xiān kànhǎo chūkǒu
沒有錯 誰沒有架子 誰不怕羞that's right, who doesn't put on airs, who's not shyméiyǒu cuò, sheí méiyǒu jiàzǐ, sheí bú pàxiū
but really think about it 我要愛BUT REALLY THINK ABOUT IT (I want love)BUT REALLY THINK ABOUT IT (wǒ yào ài)
你給我機會 給我暗示 給我線索 我還缺什麼you should give me a chance, give me a hint, give me a clue, what am I still lacking?nǐ gěi wǒ jīhuì, gěi wǒ ànshì, gěi wǒ xiànsuǒ, wǒ hái quē shénme
D.I.S.C.O.unt 時間不折扣D.I.S.C.OUNT, time doesn't discountD.I.S.C.O.unt shíjiān bú zhékòu
我的愛 Let’s Go Disco!my love, LET'S GO DISCOwǒ de ài, LET'S GO DISCO
微笑挑逗全場騷動 a teasing smile, the dance floor is jumpingwēixiào tiāodòu, quán chǎng sāodòng  
舉手投足揮霍節奏lifting my hands and moving my feet freely to the beatjǔ shǒu tóu zú huīhuò jiēzòu
誰能封鎖驚艷直播 who can block this breathtaking performance?sheí néng fēngsuǒ jīngyàn zhíbō  
愛讓人全身充滿魔力攔不住我love fills people with magic, nothing can stop meài ràng rén quánshēn chōngmǎn mólì, lánbúzhù wǒ

1. I had some trouble translating the rap. It seems to jump around from one thought to another and I'm not sure how the English integrates with it, if at all. I will keep thinking about it, but I invite help on translating it. (The ever-popular "It doesn't make much sense in the original language either" answer might be correct. I can think of hundreds of English songs that I can't make head or tail of the lyrics.)

Edit: Added pinyin. Used a generator and fixed common generator errors such as "shui2" for "shei2" and "shi2 me" for "shen2 me". Should be alright. Also made a few tweaks of synonyms and such to tighten up the translation, which I will probably continue to do. (Example: originally had "cowardly", decided to switch to the more literal "aren't brave".) Also I forgot the footnote at first, so I put that in.